Simple Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall Effectively

Hair loss is a common problem that everybody faces at the same point. Use these fast tips & home remedies for effective hair fall treatment.

Hair Fall Treatment – Simple Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall Effectively:


  • Coconut oil is a good source of nutrients. Coconut oil contains antioxidants that strengthen hair and provides it a natural shininess. It additionally has antimicrobial properties that facilitate fight scalp infections.

You can begin by slightly warming the oil and put it into a little bowl. Gently apply the oil to your scalp and also the hair roots. Massage in tiny, circular motions. you can leave the oil for half-hour or nightlong, and shampoo as common.

  • Aloe vera plays a vital role in balancing the pH scale of the scalp and hair. It deep into the scalp and hair, and promoting hair growth.

Massage the scalp with aloe gel, leave it for some hours and then wash with normal water.

  • Greek yoghourt acts as a natural conditioner for hair. It contains nutrition B5 and proteins that are very usefulfor hair. Honey contains antibacterial properties that defend hair from damage. Greek yoghurt contains probiotics, which, according to studies, create the hair grow.

Take the 2 tablespoons of Greek yoghourt in a bowl. To this, add honey and also the juice extracted from the lemon. Mix the ingredients totally and create a paste. Using a dye brush, apply this pack to the scalp and hair roots. Leave it for half-hour, then rinse with cold water.

  • Fenugreek seed enhance hair growth, and help to rebuild hair follicles. It is also make hair shiny, strong and long. Fry fenugreek seeds in coconut oil. Cooling and strain the preparation. Massage ta mixture gently on  your scalp.


  • Hibiscus extract is usually utilized in hair and scalp treatements to boost hair growth. it’s a soothing effect on the scalp and helps with toxin elimination also as stimulates circulation. usually used to counter issues likedandruff and hair loss.

You can crush a couple of hibiscus flowers and blend with sesame or coconut oil to create a fine paste. Apply this on your scalp and hair and stick with it for a couple of hours. Rinse off.

  • Eggs are a rich supply of protein, B vitamins, and essential nutrients for optimum hair health. You can take one egg white and blend it with a teaspoon of oil. Beat to form it into a paste. Apply everywhere on your scalp and hair. Leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. wash with cool water and gentle shampoo.



  1. Rubbing wet hair roughly can cause hair breakage. Avoid brushing wet hair for a similar reason.
  2. Don’t tie your hair tightly all the time because it puts pressure on the roots and causes hair to fall.
  3. Heat in any kind is, unhealthy for hair. Hot water, hair dryers and hair styling tools dry out the hair. Limit their usage.
  4. Try to not use too several hair product as residue will build up. Rinse shampoo well to create certain hair follicles are not clogged.
  5. Make sure to follow product directions carefully. If you utilize an excessive amount of of a product, it could lead on to a lot of hair fall.

To solve your problem of hair loss, attempt a number of these natural remedies. Also, following a correct diet can keep your hair healthy cut back hair fall. So, eat lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits the maximum amount as possible.

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