Resturant Style Chicken Nuggets Recipe at Home

Chicken Nuggets!!!!! Mouthwatering recipe. Nobody is there who dislike chicken nuggets. It is as easy as tasty. You can buy it from any grocery stores or any fast food center. But, homemade nuggets is best.

So lets see the recipe now! I just sharing a simple process here.

The main part of the chicken nuggets is the size of the chicken pieces. It should be small enough to cook inside before the outside gets too dark. So take your desired amount of chicken breasts pieces and cut into 1/2 inch per piece. 

When your cutting is all done take one bowl, add some flour, seasoned salt, and add some pepper. Mix them together and set it aside.

Take another bowl, crack 2 eggs add 1 tsp water. Mix them and set it aside too.

In another bowl put 2-3 cups of breadcrumbs. 

First, Coat the chicken into the flour.

Second, coat them into the egg batter. Remove quickly.

Third, coat them into the breadcrumbs.

As you coat, all the chicken, set the chicken on a tray. You can put these chicken nuggets on a zipper bag and store them on freezer up to six months.

Put some vegetable oil on fry pan- low to medium heat. Drop few piece at a time. Fry it on low heat. Don’t high the flame otherwise it will burn.

When the coat is deep golden in color put the nuggets on a tissue paper so the extra can remove.

Serve them on a plate with homemade tomato ketchup. You will love it as me and my family love it.

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