Natural Remedies and treatment of Dark Circles at home

Dark circles under the eyes are mainly defined as two-pronged, round; consistent pigment molecules on the infraorbital area (beneath the eye socket).

Reasons of Dark Circles:

They tend to become a problem for your skin by leaving your face looking unhealthy. There are many reasons that can result in causing dark circles. The products used externally such as makeup can darken the eye area. They can also be caused due to some internal imbalance of vitamins. According to the researches done women with eating disorders have an increased risk of having dark circles. Other reasons may include rubbing your eyes during allergies and sleeping on your stomach regularly. The excessive use of makeup and improper removal of makeup is becoming a reason for darkened eyes now days.

Dark circles are a problem for men and women both. They also appear due to aging. As the skin ages it becomes thin and lost all its essential vitamins. The amount of collagen decreases causing your blood vessels appear under your eyes and making them look darker.

The remedies for overcoming this haggard look caused by dark circles it’s better to try natural homemade treatments.

Homemade treatments for dark circles:

Lemon Juice:

  • A very quick and easy remedy is to apply fresh lemon under your eyes. This will help a lot in overcoming the vitamin deficiency causing dark circles. Lemons have Vitamin C which helps in removing dark circles. You can take help of a cotton ball to apply lemon juice easily and evenly.

Potato Juice:

  • Another very effective remedy is by using potato. Potatoes are a very good source for skin lightening as they also have vitamin c and the starch in them is very beneficial. This homemade remedy is very easy to prepare. You just need to grate a potato and extract its juice. Apply that juice with the help of a cotton ball on your eyelids and the under eye area. Leave it for ten minutes and wash off with cold water. Repeat this process twice a week for instant result.

Mint Leaves:

  • A very refreshing way that can help restore a young and fresh face you can use mint leaves. You need to make paste of few mint leaves by crushing them in water. Apply that paste for ten minutes for an entire week at night. This is a very good and refreshing way to say goodbye to those dark circles in no time.

Proper sleep:

  • Keeping the remedies aside there is also a dire need to take care of your sleeping habits to avoid such unhealthy conditions. A good sleeping habit will automatically heal all the problems. Besides, a good sleep you also need to have good mental health.


  • Depression and overthinking can make you look haggard and result in eye bags. A lot of workload can also stress you so; try to take out time for yourself to calm your body, mind and soul. Regular exercise or doing meditation and yoga will help a lot in keeping you healthy always. This will not only resolve the dark circles, it will also provide you a healthy lifestyle.

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