How to Use Yogurt for Hair Growth

Hair is made up of proteins and people who want healthy hairs with rapid growth they must take protein rich diet. One of the protein rich diets is Yogurt. It has immense benefits as we can eat it and we can also apply it directly on the hairs. Yogurt different uses for hair shows very effective and productive results. It helps in removing dandruff because of it anti-fungal propertiesreducing the frizz of hairs by giving moisturizer to hair and cause less hair fall by improving scalp. You cannot counts the yogurt different uses because they are too much. But here we discuss the yogurt different uses related to the hair and skin for your long, shinny, and dandruff free hairs and glowing skin. They are very cheaper and home made solutions.

(Yogurt not only for eat, but also apply it)

Now we came to know that yogurt is very important for hairs growth and now we will tell you more that yogurt different uses with addition of other things. These are all the homemade tips with no damage and result in the rapid growth of hair.

Yogurt Different Uses

Their are the following different uses of yogurt with addition of other natural ingredients:

        1. Yogurt plus Egg

In the list of yogurt different uses, the first one is yogurt with egg mixture. For this take 1 egg and mix in the bowl very well. After this add 2 tablespoon of yogurt and made a smooth paste. Now apply this mask on the segment of hair from root to tip. Completely apply the mask and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. When times up, rinse the mask with cool water and good shampoo.  Twice a week you can use this mask.

       2. Banana plus Yogurt

For this mask, first of all  take mashed ½ ripe banana and make lump free paste. Add 1 tbsp yogurt, 3 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Mix it well and apply to your hair from root to tips. Keep sure that hairs are completely covered and keep this mask for 25 to 30 minutes. At end wash with the shampoo. You can use this twice for better results.

       3. Yogurt plus Olive Oil

Mix 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 cup yogurt and set aside. Now on other side mix 1 tbsp lemon juice and 2 cups of water in lump-freejug. First of all wash your hairs with shampoo and apply the oil yogurt mask on the damp hair. After 20 minutes rinse the hairs with cool water and after this again rinse it with lemon water. The lemon water maintains the pH of scalp and makes hair shiny.

       4. Yogurt plus Honey

This mask requires ½ cup Yogurt, 1 tsp Honey and 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar. Now mix all these ingredients and make smooth paste. Simply apply on your hairs from root to tips. Cover your hairs completely with mask and leave this for 30 minutes. When times up, rinse it with mild shampoo. Along the growth this mask is very helpful for managing oil production in scalp.

        5. Yogurt plus Aloe Vera

Ingredients of this mask are 3 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel, 2 tbsp Yogurt, 2 tbsp Olive Oil and 1 tbsp Honey. Combine all these ingredients and make consistent paste. Now start lump-free of your scalp with this paste. Do this for 15 minutes. When the massage is done now apply the paste on the complete length of hairs and rest it for 30 minutes. At the end wash your hairs.

        6. Yogurt plus Coconut Milk

For this you will need 1 cup Coconut milk, ½ cup Yogurtlump-freeand 2 tbsp Camphor Oil. Mix them all and make paste. Massage this and then apply to your hairs for an hour. Rinse it at the end.

These yogurt masks will be use on weekly bases. Choose them according to your skin type.  A key to success behind all these tips is the patience and regularity. Hair growth takes time it’s not day task. Mostly it involves 1 to 2 months. However using yogurt is always favorable for healthy growth of hairs as it is natural product with no harm.

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