Healthy Nail tips

Looking for healthy nail tips?Long, strong, healthy nails are possible

We are living in the modern time and today for a complete personality dressing is not enough. Along this hair styling, proper accessories and good shaped nails with trendy nail paint is very important. Ladies love stylish nails as it depicts personality like how well maintained you are and how caring you are about your looks. But it’s somewhat difficult to maintain the beauty of hands and nails. Here, we will tell you few healthy nail tips.

How to maintain healthy nails??

Pedicures and manicures are not new to us, they are indeed very helpful but along this there are also some others tips or homemade tricks which help you to maintain your nails and nail polishes and made them strong and shiner. Here are healthy nail tips:

Cleansing is basic of all

Yes cleaning is basic step of all this. Always clean your hands properly with good quality soap and use creams and lotion to make them soft and moist.

Weak nails no more

If you have weak nails then it is not a big deal. To avoid this, take four tablespoons of salt and mix it in one liter of water and dip your nail in it for 15 minutes.

Discoloration of nails

If naturally your nails are not white or clear, you can use chamomile for this. It’s very simple, take 2 cups of water and add few spoons of chamomile in it. Let it set down for 20 minutes and then dip nails in it for 15 minutes. Repeat it three times in a week

Loving Shiny and bright nails

Rose water is always best for beauty. You can use rose water in addition with hydrogen per oxide and glycerin for shiny and brighter nails. Use 40 ml rose water, 50 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 10 gms glycerin. Dip cotton ball in this mixture and apply it on nails.

Trims regularly

The most important thing is to trim your nails at regular times .you can set a time to trim them .Mostly it is a practice to trim nails after every three weeks .but it also depends on the growth of your nails.

Cut nails straight across

Try to use use sharp nail scissors or clippers.The correct way is to round the nails slightly at the tips for maximum length.

Health is wealth

Another important tip, pay attention to your diet as well for string nails. If you have weak nails or it break easily or you have issue of discoloration in nails then it simply means your body lack something. You must eat healthy food full of calcium and fiber and drink a lot of water to remove the toxins from your body.

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